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Weight Watchers Points Calculator

The Weight Watchers Points Calculator is a powerful and user-friendly tool designed to assist individuals in tracking and managing their daily food intake as part of the popular Weight Watchers weight management program. This innovative calculator utilizes a scientifically developed points system to assign a value to different foods and meals based on their nutritional composition.

With the Weight Watchers Points Calculator, users can easily determine the point value of the foods they consume, making it easier to stay within their allotted daily point budget and achieve their weight loss or weight maintenance goals. This tool takes into account various factors such as calories, protein, saturated fat, sugar, and fiber content to assign a specific point value to each food item.

Using the calculator is simple and efficient. Users input the relevant nutritional information from the food packaging or use the extensive built-in database of common food items. The calculator then instantly calculates the corresponding points value, providing individuals with immediate feedback on their food choices and enabling them to make informed decisions about their eating habits.

The Weight Watchers Points Calculator is highly customizable, allowing users to tailor their point budget based on their personal weight loss goals, activity level, and dietary preferences. It takes into account individual factors such as gender, age, height, and weight to provide a personalized point allocation. This level of personalization empowers users to create a sustainable and enjoyable eating plan that fits their unique needs and lifestyle.

In addition to its point calculation capabilities, the Weight Watchers Points Calculator also offers a range of additional features. It includes a comprehensive food database, enabling users to search for and add new food items to their calculations. It also allows for the creation of customized recipes and meal plans, making it easier to track points for homemade meals.

With its intuitive interface and accurate calculations, the Weight Watchers Points Calculator serves as a valuable tool for those following the Weight Watchers program or anyone looking to adopt a healthier and more balanced approach to eating. By providing instant feedback and guidance on food choices, this tool empowers individuals to take control of their nutrition and achieve their weight management goals in a sustainable and effective manner.

How to Calculate Weight Watchers Points

What is freestyle calculation?

The Freestyle plan has introduced two exciting features- Zero Smart Points Food items and Roll Over Points. While already certain veggies and fruits were in the zero point list, new ones such as sweet corn and starchy ones like beans have been added. For the first time certain lean meats (chicken and turkey) and all sea foods made it to the list, which is what all the rave is about. The Roll over points help you follow a healthier lifestyle. Here your daily leftover points roll over to the next day.

Smart Points Calculation

With the Smart Points plan introduced in 2016, the daily allowance is individually determined with there being no set formula as each person is different. Once you register, the app will ask question on your lifestyle and food habits. Based on your answers you’ll get your weekly allowance and a unique colour to guide you toward food choices that suit your goal.

Smart Points Food Value Calculation

The Smart Point calculation is quite a simple one.

  • For every 100 calories, you need to add 3 Smart Points.
  • For every 4 grams of saturated fat, add 1 Smart Point.
  • For every 8 grams of sugar.
  • Add 1 Smart Point.
  • For every 10 grams of protein, Subtract 1 Smart Point.

The formula used for Smart Points calculation is:

(Calories * .0305) + (Sat Fat * .275) + (Sugar * .12) – (Protein * .098)

This differs from the previous points pus plan where carbs were used but it didn’t show whether these were good carbs or bad. By using sugar instead of carbohydrates, the values given now guide you to healthier carbs and foods. This, however, led to the increase of food value for certain items. But to our great relief, the daily allowance has also gone up from min. 26 to 30 giving you more freedom to eat healthy.

Points Plus Calculation

The change that happened with the Points Plus Calculation is that the nutritional values use were carbs, fiber, protein and total fat. Previously WW used calories fat and fiber to calculate the values of the food you ate.

The formula used in the points plus system is:

Fat (g) / 3.8889) + (Carbohydrate (g) / 9.2105) + (Protein (g) / 10.9375) – (Fiber (g) / 12.5).

How Many Weight Watchers Points Am I Allowed?

The Smart Points allowance depends on an individual’s sex, weight, age, height and activity level. If you are switching over to the new Freestyle plan then members who were previously allowed 30 points/day will now get 23 points due to the introduction of the Zero Point foods in the plan.

Typical point allotment based on body weight – Reference-

Weight (lb) Weight (kg) Old Points per Day
(before Nov 2010)
Points per Day
(Nov 2010 – Dec. 2015)
150 lbs 68 kgs 18 to 23 points Use the “Old Daily
Target Calculator” above
150 to 174 lbs 68 to 79 kgs 20 to 25 points
175 to 199 lbs 80 to 90 kgs 22 to 27 points
200 to 224 lbs 91 to 101 kgs 24 to 29 points
225 to 249 lbs 102 to 113 kgs 26 to 31 points
250 to 274 lbs 114 to 124 kgs 28 to 33 points
275 to 299 lbs 125 to 135 kgs 29 to 34 points
300 to 324 lbs 136 to 147 kgs 30 to 35 points
325 to 349 lbs 148 to 158 kgs 31 to 36 points
350 lbs 159 kgs 32 to 37 points


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