Air Fryer Crumpet Garlic Bread

Air Fryer Crumpet Garlic Bread – a quick, easy recipe turning simple crumpets into golden pockets of garlicky, cheesy delight. Get ready for a flavor-packed journey!

A regular day in my life as a housewife – yep, that’s me, the culinary explorer in charge of the kitchen kingdom. The sun’s shining, birds are chirping, and my tummy’s rumbling like a freight train. So, I venture into the kitchen and stumble upon a recipe that’s gonna be a game-changer. Drumroll, please, for the legendary Air Fryer Crumpet Garlic Bread!

How to make Air Fryer Crumpet Garlic Bread

Now, hold your horses – crumpets? You know, those fluffy little breakfast wonders you usually slather with butter and jam? Brace yourselves, because this recipe is about to flip the script on those crumpets and take ’em on an epic flavor journey. Trust me, it’s easier than falling off a log – or maybe even easier than whipping up a batch of your favorite cookie dough.

Alright, let’s dive right in. We’re talkin’ basic ingredients here – no need for fancy-pants stuff. Just grab some salted butter (150g, to be exact), fresh continental parsley (chopped to the nines, about 1/4 cup), four cloves of garlic ready to be squashed into submission, and a pinch of sea salt flakes for that ocean-y zing. Now, picture this: you’re mixin’ up the butter, parsley, garlic, and salt in a bowl, creating a heavenly concoction that’s gonna be the star of the show. It’s like a symphony of flavors coming together for a taste bud party.

Hold onto your hats, ’cause the fun’s just getting started. Halve those crumpets (300g packet), and don’t be shy – slather each half with that gorgeous garlic butter you just whipped up. But wait, there’s more! Sprinkle a generous pinch of that pre-grated three-cheese blend on half of those buttered-up crumpets. Yep, we’re goin’ all out with the cheese party. Then, gently place the other crumpet halves on top, creating what I like to call “half-moon crumpet sandwiches.” It’s like your taste buds are gettin’ a cozy embrace, seriously.

Now, let’s set the stage for the big finale. Line your air fryer basket with some foil, and nestle those lovely crumpet creations inside, cut side down. Oh, and don’t forget the cheese rain – sprinkle more of that cheesy goodness on top. Close up that air fryer, crank it to 180°C, and let the magic happen for a swift 8 minutes. Believe me, those minutes will feel like forever as the air fryer does its thing, turning those crumpets into crispy, gooey bites of heaven.

A final flourish – brush on the remaining garlic butter. It’s like givin’ your creation a cozy blanket of flavor, a final layer of garlicky perfection that’s gonna make your taste buds do a happy dance.

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    the crumpet recipe looks delicious but i’ve never seen crumpets at my walmart in jasper or the store in summit on alabama. is there another kind of bread they can be made with. from the picture they do look like can biscuits.

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