Let’s take it back to basics, shall we? Eggs have always been a cheap convenience food for me because they are easy, quick, cheap and endlessly versatile, hence the fried egg in our logo. And while frying an egg may seem like a simple task on the surface, there’s more than one way to fry an egg. This guide will help you choose what type of pan to use, what type of oil to use to fry your eggs, and how to use different techniques to get your fried eggs just right. Can get them just the way you like them!

What type of pan is best for frying eggs?

Let’s start with the cookware. While you can use any kind of skillet to fry eggs, having some kind of non-stick surface definitely makes the job easier. Whether it’s a Teflon, well-seasoned cast-iron skillet, or a ceramic-coated skillet, an extra smooth surface helps. If you prefer to use stainless steel, make sure the pan is fully preheated to prevent the eggs from sticking. It should be hot enough that a drop of water slides onto the surface and spits out.

What type of fat or oil is best for frying eggs?

The type of fat or oil you use to fry your eggs is all about personal preference. Different fats will create different flavors and textures in your scrambled eggs. Here are a few different options and how they will affect your fried eggs:

Butter – Butter is my top choice because it adds a ton of flavor and makes for a delicious browned edge. Bonus: You get an even more nutty flavor when the butter itself browns in the pan.
Olive Oil – Olive oil is great if you want a more neutral flavor or extra crispy edges. I love the delicately crispy deep-fried edges that the oil creates on the egg whites.
Bacon Fat – Bacon fat is by far the most flavorful. If you want your kitchen to smell like the best breakfast ever, cook your eggs in bacon fat. Plus, if you’re already making bacon with your breakfast, it’s super easy. Just cook the bacon in the skillet first, then remove the bacon and cook your eggs in the same skillet.
Frying eggs in flavored oils and sauces – like pesto – has become a viral internet trend over the past few years and can be a fun alternative to the norm. Most oil-based condiments will probably work, with chili flakes being my favorite! Just make sure to fry on low heat to avoid burning the chutney or anything solid in the oil.

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