Looking for a hearty and flavorful meal that practically cooks itself? This Slow Cooker Beef Stew is your answer. Tender beef cubes, colorful vegetables, and a rich, savory sauce come together with minimal effort, perfect for a busy weeknight or a cozy weekend dinner.

This easy homemade beef stew recipe is the best ever and is simmered with beef broth and made with filling and wholesome ingredients that create the perfect blend of comforting juicy flavors. The thick juices from this crockpot beef stew recipe make the beef and vegetables super tender and flavorful with rich notes that are hard to pass up.

This recipe takes advantage of the slow cooker’s magic, simmering the stew to perfection while you go about your day. The beef gets a delicious sear for extra flavor, then joins forces with aromatic vegetables and a paprika-infused broth for ultimate comfort food satisfaction.

The best part? This stew is easy to customize. Don’t have fennel? Swap it for celery or another crunchy vegetable. Prefer a thicker stew? A simple cornstarch slurry creates a luscious gravy in the final minutes.

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