Slow Cooker Baked Potato

Introducing the mouthwatering Slow Cooker Baked Potato recipe! As a busy homemaker, I understand the importance of creating delicious meals with minimal effort. This recipe is the perfect solution, allowing you to enjoy the comforting flavors of baked potatoes without the hassle of using the oven. Let’s dive into the simple steps to prepare this delightful dish.

Gather Your Ingredients

To begin, gather your ingredients. You’ll need 12 medium-sized potatoes, sliced into rounds, giving you plenty of tasty potato bites. Prepare a tantalizing combination of diced bacon and onions, which will infuse the dish with their irresistible flavors.

Assemble the Layers of Flavor

Now, it’s time to assemble your slow cooker masterpiece. Start by creating a bed of potato slices at the bottom of your slow cooker. On top of this, add a generous handful of the flavorful bacon and onions. Continue layering the potatoes, bacon, and onions until you achieve your desired quantity.

Create the Creamy Seasoning Mixture

In a separate bowl, combine two containers of cream. If one of the cream containers is empty, you can utilize it as a measuring tool for the milk. Pour the milk into the bowl, joining forces with the cream. It’s time to add some seasoning! Sprinkle in salt, pepper, and garlic powder, adjusting the amounts to suit your taste preferences. Give the mixture a good stir, ensuring all the flavors meld together harmoniously.

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15 thoughts on “Slow Cooker Baked Potato

  1. Can anyone help me with this? I live in an old folks home (they call it independent living) which feeds three meals a day. I get tired of institutional meals and have started cooking, with only a two-quart slow cooker, a microwave, and a toaster. Most of the slow cooker recipes say to brown the meat in a skillet before putting in the cooker. We don’t have stoves because they’re afraid us old people will catch the place on fire. How can I manage browning the meat?

    1. I have a Cuisinart slow cooker that has a browning setting to fry – then switch to slow cook – love it

    2. You can skip browning the meat. It is not necessary but usually done for a little more flavor. If I’m in a hurry I usually skip this step.

    3. Have you considered purchasing a 2 qt instapot to compliment your slow cooker? There is a “sear” feature on the insta pot that is perfect for browning anything. Actually, you might find yourself using the insta pot far more than the slow cooker because it does it all so well. However, there is also a slowcooker option on the unit if you wish.
      Perhaps some research on youTube for insta pot might help you decide.

    4. Get an electric fry pan.
      That way you can also do lots mor things like fry meat, eggs ect…

    5. You can buy a single burner stove for fairly cheap. Or an electric skillet. I learned this from dorm room cooking.

    6. My momma lived in an Assisted Living facility and she was not allowed a single electric burner nor an electric skillet. You might want to check on each of those before you purchase either one. I feel the best choice for you to not break any rules and get kicked out is to simply use the slow cooker without browning the meat first….
      Good luck and I hope you enjoy your meals!

    1. I was wondering the same thing. Perhaps the person in charge of this group can help out. Even if it’s liquid cream we still need to know what kind. I purchase heavy whipping cream when I make my special cake with cocoa whipping cream for the icing and complemented with raspberries.

  2. I am a bit confused about the cream ingredient also. Is it 2 – 16 ounce containers of sour cream, or 2 pints (16 ounces) of heavy cream? And if it is an entire half a gallon of heavy cream, why would you add milk to it to thin it out? Thank you for clarifying his for me, the recipe looks great & I would love to try it without messing it up!!

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