Slow Cooker Baked Potatoes

Hey there, fellow kitchen enthusiasts! Today, I’m thrilled to share a kitchen adventure that revolves around simplicity and flavor – the magical journey of making Slow Cooker Baked Potatoes. As a full-time homemaker, I’ve stumbled upon this game-changer that not only makes my life easier but also fills my home with the irresistible aroma of perfectly baked spuds. So, grab your apron and let’s dive into the world of culinary ease!

Once upon a time in my bustling kitchen, I found myself craving a warm, comforting meal without the fuss. Enter the Slow Cooker Baked Potatoes – my culinary sidekick. It all begins with those humble russet potatoes, patiently waiting to be transformed into golden, fluffy goodness. After a quick scrub and a friendly pat dry, they’re ready to take center stage.

Now, here’s where the magic begins – a gentle brush of olive oil. It’s like giving your potatoes a spa day; the oil not only adds a touch of luxury but also ensures a crispy skin that’s simply irresistible. A sprinkle of kosher salt and pepper follows suit, and here’s a little secret – rub them in. Yes, give those spuds a little love rub, making sure every nook and cranny is coated in flavor.

Ever wondered how to make a baked potato that’s not just good but downright spectacular? It’s all about the foil, my friends. Each potato gets its snug little foil jacket before the grand entrance into the slow cooker. It’s like tucking them in for a cozy nap, promising a delightful awakening. Set the cooker to LOW for patience or HIGH for a quicker rendezvous.

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71 thoughts on “Slow Cooker Baked Potatoes

      1. I have both a slow cooker and a crockpot. They are not the same. Slow cooker cooks much faster.

  1. We all love potatoes and are looking for ways to serve them. Can’t beat baked potatoes. Trying them today

  2. I love baked potatoes, and I like mine when you cut them open I want them soft and fluffy, then buttery! I am going to try this and I hope that they turn out good! Thank you for this recipe!!! ☺ ♥

  3. I’m definitely going to try this. The last ingredient is 1/2 teaspoon but it doesn’t say of what. What is the last ingredient? Thanks so much!

  4. I don’t get it. Why make it in a crockpot when you can pop it in the oven and have it ready in 1 hour vs. 4-5 hours on low? Waste of time.

      1. Exactly! You can start them ahead of your meal. Freeing up your oven for another dish.
        A good many kitchens have more tgan 1 crockpot. 1 can be cooking potatoes and another whatever else is on the menu!

    1. You can go to work or whatever n come back to the most awesome potatoes. This was a homemakers recipe. I love potatoes out the crockpot..

      1. I guess each to their own. I wrap potatoes in foil, and put them in crockpot with pork loin or chicken, and let them all cook slow together. I also take foil and tuck it over all and around the food, before putting the lid on. Works great for making more liquid in pot for gravy.

        1. And for those living in really hot places, like I live in phoenix, it gives us a chance to have a nice home-cooked meal even in the middle of the summer without heating up our home when our air conditioning is already running over time

      2. Some people are so unhappy they have to complain about everything. Slow cookers use very little electricity. The potatoes sound amazing. I’m going to try them soon.

        1. Me too!!!! Don’t use your slow cooker then if you think it’s running up your electric bill. It’s just that easy. For us who don’t worry about it…..ENJOY YOUR BAKED POTATO!!!!!

    2. For me Jill, its mainly the convenience.
      I throw them in the crock pot, and then the day is free to do what I have to do, and not worry about rushing home to cook potatoes. I rub with olive oil,and sprinkle course salt all over,and they come out delicious. No foil. Bad for you to cook with foil.

      1. Exactly! I was thinking the same thing. Come the end of May until way into September we don’t use our oven. I like finding ways to cook without heating up the house. And I really don’t like my poor husband standing out in that heat over the grill either so crock pots really are the answer

    3. We have triple digit heat all summer…we really avoid using our ovens. This is a good way to avoid the oven.

    4. It isn’t a waste of time. Have you had them before? They’re so creamy and buttery. They’re delicious! And it’s really not wasting time. You put them in the crockpot, you set a timer and walk away and go about your day. You can start the rest of dinner when the potatoes are almost done and serve them fresh and hot! It really isn’t as time consuming as you’re making it seem.

  5. I can’t wait to do this . So many times I forget to put them in running errands and this way I have all day to let them cook . Thank you

  6. I can’t wait to try this. It will allow me to free up my oven for the main dish and other sides. Plus my husband and I both love nice and fluffy baked taters!

  7. I’m gonna try these in my crockpot. It gets too hot in my house with the oven on. I won’t leave home with oven on, but I will with the crockpot on. Yippee 👍

    1. Yes..I put in a brisket over cabbage and 2 sweet potatoes wrapped in foil…go to work and alli ready when I get home.

    2. I pierce sweet potatoes, rub them with olive oil and set on the microwave rotating dish. 6 minutes on high…perfection . Skin just slides off. I fix these several times a week just for my pups. It is their fav!

  8. I do mine in the microwave. Poke holes in them with a fork, place in a ziploc bag, close almost all the way closed. Leave a small opening in bag it expands as they cook. I cook them 5 minutes at a time. Checking and rearranging after each 5 minutes. You will know they are done when you check by gently squeezing (use a pot holder to keep from burning your hand). They are usually ready in 10-15 minutes,depending on how many you have and how big they are. You can do sweet potatoes the same as regular potatoes. In the crock pot, oven, or the microwave.

  9. Love potatoes…my favorite food item! 🤗 I fix baked potatoes exactly like this but in oven. Will definitely try the crockpot …especially great when you have a crowd coming or have a meat dish or dessert to cook in the oven. Will also try sweet potatoes in crockpot since my husband prefers those. Thank you for sharing this recipe…it’s a time saver. I’m thankful for the many ways to enjoy potatoes! ☺️

  10. Who wants to wait 4 hours for a baked potato? There has to be a faster way. And if you look at the picture, there is hardly any potato under the butter. Where is the potato? I like the white part of the potato, not just the skin.

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